Real Estate Courses

304A - ACT Group A Residential Property Sales

ACT Group A Cluster 5 units Residential Property Sales; CPPREP4101 Appraise property for sale or lease; CPPREP4102 Market property; CPPREP4103 Establish vendor relationships; CPPREP4104 Establish buyer relationships; CPPREP4105 Sell property

305A - ACT Group B Residential Property Management

ACT Group B Cluster 5 units Residential Property Sales;CPPREP4102 Market property; CPPREP4121 Establish landlord relationships; CPPREP4122 Manage tenant relationships ; CPPREP4123 Manage tenancy; CPPREP4124 End tenancy

402N - NSW CPP31519 Certificate III in Real Estate Practice - RESIDENTIAL [LMS] FFS

Aprriase Property Cluster

CPPREP3003 Access and process property information in real estate

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